Zach and I elected to start work on a different project rather than finish up KYCHN at this time. Expect the next installment of KYCHN to come after April. I apologize for the delay, it will be very much worth it.

Work on KYCHN must come to a stop until after I return from my snowboarding trip overseas. Episode 4 has been shot but still needs to be edited. For the past 2 weeks I've been recovering from inner ear surgery, I was only able to pile together^h^h^h^herr, I mean finish Kychnette 2.5 as an intermediary release. Zach has picked up the editing bug though and has made progress, but unfortunately he has picked up other bugs too and has been really sick for the last 3-4 weeks so his progress has been slow.

As far as TPS goes, we will be starting work on #6 following the release of Kychn #4. We also have several other projects in the wings, hopefully 2006 will be a very productive year.


Adobe Encore 1.5 errata list

Roll your own light stands for remote shoots.

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DBP's biggest production undertaken to date is the TV series The Packet Sniffers. This show is produced and filmed by myself, Nathan Heald, and Zach Campbell.

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