Q. Where does the name "DEAD BEEF Productions" come from?

A. The words "DEAD" and "BEEF" are comprised of numbers in the hexadecimal numbering system (Base 16). They also happen to spell funny words. We're geeks first, everything else second. So our culture will trickle into everything else we do. Don't worry too hard if you don't get it.

You may also notice a series of 0's and 1's in various DBP logo's. The numbers are never random. That's all I'll say :).

Q. What's up with the mooing cow and other stuff in your ending credits?

A. It goes along with DEAD BEEF. Get it? Moo.

Q. "If it's mooin, I'm chewin" - who is saying that?

A. Zach

Q. I work for PETA and we are investigating you.

A. Ha! Talk to these people.

Q. I like corn!

A. I heard you the first time.

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